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+ Springwise

More free love - now at the bar
by Katherine Noyes, December 12th, 2007


+ Social Media Today

Social networking with a humble napkin
by Angelo Fernando, November 27th, 2007



+ MediaPost Publications

Wipe Me: Napkin Ads Extend Consumer Awareness
by Erik Sass, November 27, 2007
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+ The Examiner

Agency's napkin ads target young adults
by T. Luntz, October 1st, 2007
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+ MediaLife Magazine

Bar napkin with graphics that pop out...
by Diego Vasquez, September 24th, 2007



Speaking of napkins...
By Short Takes // September 20, 2007


+ Nikkei - Japan Business News

NapAds Recognized Internationally
By: Kaede Seville // September 19th 2007
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Everything 2.0, your number is almost up
by Brian Morrissey, September 19th, 2007
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+ Wall Street Journal Creative Leaders

Founder Recognized by The Wall Street Journal
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Jay Jaber, Founder and CEO of Alternative Marketing Group, Inc. and finalist in the Wall Street Journal Creative Leaders Awards. Jaber is one of the youngest finalists nominated for this prestigious award.

+ MediaPost Video

Publication: MediaPost
March 30th, 2007 //Las Vegas, Nevada


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